Wasteful Products You Can Do Without

The age of consumerism is upon us and with it comes tonnes of unwanted waste! Not only is the excessive waste products affecting the environment but also making our neighborhoods dirtier. If you want to cut down on waste products and save your bills as well as the environment around you, start by getting rid of easily avoidable waste products. Making a few changes in your shopping list can instantly reduce the amount of wastage produced by your home. Here’s where you can start to make a different with smart and informed choices.

Say no to disposables

This is perhaps the easiest way to bring down wastage in your home or office. As much as possible, avoid using disposable items like pens, paper towels, plastic wraps, tin foils, dusters etc. Instead, use sturdier and reusable options. Ditch the paper towels and use tea towels and washcloths instead – all you have to do is wash them regularly. Use lidded containers, over safe dishes etc instead of plastic wrap, cling film, tin foil etc. Buy good quality pens with refill options instead of one time disposables. Switch to electronic billing instead of getting paper bills and use plastic sticky notes that can be easily erased and reused.

This also includes disposable cloths and diapers. While packaged diapers are significantly easier to use, they can increase chances of infection and increase your waste production. Instead, use cloth diapers that are easier on your baby’s bottom. You can even save on disposable razors and non-rechargeable batteries etc and reduce power consumption significantly. Another simple way to make that trash can less full is to purchase products in bulk instead of single serve packets. Buy large quantities of vegetables, rice, snacks and other products so you throw away only one packet instead of five.

Ban the plastics at home

If you are fairly well informed about the latest environment crises, you may already know that one of the root causes for this is plastic. In its many forms, plastic has managed to pollute the ocean, contaminate water bodies and even endanger wildlife! So what can you do to help? Avoid using plastic cutlery and plates and switch to glass, metal or ceramic instead. Sure washing the dishes is a task, but it is well worth the effort!

Instead of using single use grocery bags that you will throw away anyway, carry a few cloth bags that are reusable and sturdy. In fact, most supermarkets and stores today add a surcharge to plastic bags in efforts to discourage its use. When travelling, avoid packing your snacks separately. Fit as much as possible in sturdy reusable containers; whether metal or Tupperware!

Get a little hands-on!

Let’s face it – it’s not that hard to manually sharpen your pencil, brush your teeth or to open a can. You don’t need battery powered toothbrushes, pencil sharpeners or can openers to do the job. If you are intent on saving energy and reducing wastage in your home, even in terms of electricity, don’t be wary of getting a little hands-on. Maybe an old school approach is exactly what we need to make a difference.

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