Top 8 Tourist Attractions In Bangalore

The city of Bangalore is a wonderful blend of the past and present. On one hand are the famed gardens and majestic architecture that stand testimony to its rich cultural heritage. On the other hand, state-of-the art commercial spaces, malls and skyscrapers represent how Bangalore has kept pace with the changing face of the world. If you happen to visit Bangalore, don’t miss out on the following attractions which are a perfect blend of the past and the present.

1. Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Fort:

Bangalore hides this beautiful gem at the centre of old Bangalore city near Kalasipalyam bus stop. Dating back to the 1800’s, this palace is surrounded by a fort built by Haider Ali, Tipu Sultan’s father. This structure is built entirely with teak wood and stands adorned with pillars, balconies and arches. What is interesting to see is that the insides have been converted into a Tipu Sultan Museum housing silver vessels and many portraits and paintings of him. Enjoy the well maintained green outdoors for a spot of picnic.

2. Ulsoor Lake:

Head to Ulsoor Lake for a lazy and leisurely boat ride or a swim. Located near the busy M.G. road, spending a morning here is a great way to breathe in clear and pure air. A recreational centre houses a swimming pool. There is also a boat club that where you can hire boats and stop at small islands dotting the lake.

3. Cubbon Park:

Named after the erstwhile commissioner of Bangalore Sir Mark Cubbon, the park is located in the centre of the city. It sees many visitors everyday. It boasts of a variety of exotic and indigenous plants and trees. It also houses an aquarium with rare varieties of fish and a Bal Bhavan, meant to be a play zone for kids. Anideal place to spend a morning and afternoon.

4. Attara Kacheri and surroundings:

Located right at the entrance of Cubbon Park, you can team up your visit to Attara Kacheri with this. Built under the reign of Tipu Sultan, this red colored Gothic architectural wonder houses the High court of Bangalore today. Adorned with Corinthian walls, it is a dream for an architecture enthusiast to visit a place that has stood the test of time and is very well preserved and maintained by the Government of Karnataka. Located a stone’s throw away is also the Government Museum that houses many rare coins and other collectibles.

5. Lal Baugh Botanical Garden:

A visit to Bangalore is incomplete without a visit to its famed red rose garden. Spread over 2 acres, it has earned its name Lal, meaning red from the perennial red roses that blossom here. The real jewel of the garden is a glass house inside the garden built around the lines of London’s Crystal Palace.

6. Bangalore Palace:

This beautiful architecture was built in1887 by Chamara Woodeyar. It will remind you of the Windsor Castle in London. Visit this to view the perfect specimen of Tudor style architecture, lush greens and wooden carvings inside the palace.

7. Vidana Soudha:

A more recent addition to Bangalore’s rich architecture scene is the Vida Soudha. Built in 1954, it represents the neo-Dravidian architecture. What is beautiful to look at, are the four domes surrounding the structure. It is used by government to house its Chambers of Commerce and other government offices.

8. Bannerghatta National Park:

One of Bangalore’s best kept secret is the Bannerghatta National Park . It houses some of the rarest species of animals like the white tiger and the Bengal tiger. It also houses a snake pit and butterfly enclosure for nature enthusiasts.

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