Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Rising temperatures invariably mean rising energy bills. We tend to use air-conditioners during the hot season. But it is one of the most expensive and not-so environmentally friendly choice that you can make. Besides, air conditioners only offer temporary relief and can’t be used in all parts of the house like the kitchen and the bathrooms. So, this summer,let the air conditioners take a break while you use these simple tips for home improvement this summer. It is guaranteed to cool your house and your wallet.

Using Shades, Drapes and Blinds:

40% of the heat generated inside a house comes from its
windows. So, the basic idea here is to shield your house from the heat that comes in through windows. Keeping windows closed during the hottest hours of the day will ensure that hot air doesn’t rush in. Installing drapes, shades or blinds in light colors will ensure that heat is
reflected away from the windows.

Treating the roof:

About a third of the unwanted heat in your house comes from the roof. If you live in a house that has an independent roof, please ensure that you have reflective coating on the existing paint. This reflective property of the coating will ensure that most of the solar radiation is reflected away from your house.

Using light and pastel shades:

Light colors offer a soothing and cooling effect to the eyes as well as the house. When choosing upholstery for interiors of the house, stick to light shades. Also remove any carpets or floor rugs as they tend to attract heat. Your best bet is to have bare floors that are cooler than the air inside the house.

Taking help from nature:

Plants and shrubs are the most effective in blocking direct sunlight. If you have a sunny patch near a window or if your balconies get hot during the day, try using
tall plants or shrubs to shield the house from the sunlight.

Keep humidity at bay:

Humidity increases the feeling of stuffiness and will make you feel hotter than what it really is. Reduce humidity causing activities during the hottest hours of the day. These activities are washing and drying clothes inside the house, taking showers and cooking. Reserve these activities for early mornings when it is comparatively cooler and humidity is at its lowest.

Keep a check on internal heat:

Electrical appliances that produce heat can raise the temperatures inside your house. These include lighting, toasters, cookers, computers and laptops. Keep their usage in check throughout the day. Use white lights instead of
incandescent ones.

Still can’t do without the air conditioner? Use overhead fans at a low speed in combination with the air conditioning. This will ensure that cool air is circulated throughout the room and make you feel cooler. Also check if the outdoor unit of your AC is well shaded to prevent the AC from running unnecessarily.

Use these tips this summer to make the earth a greener place.

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