Tips for Shopping In Bangalore Malls

Bangalore or Bengaluru, the garden city and the silicon valley of India, has an urbanized allure to it. Another nickname for the city was “pensioners’ paradise”. But that is a thing of the past now. Nothing about this bustling city remotely resembles a pensioner’s paradise. Swanky commercial buildings and shopping malls in all the suburban areas has changed the face of Bangalore in the last two decades. The epicentre of Bangalore’s retail industry has fast moved away from the traditional shopping areas to the shopping malls. Here, one can find everything from the most elusive brands, to family entertainment spots and eateries under one roof. If you are planning a shopping trip to Bangalore, here are some interesting tips to help you along the way.

Mantri Mall Malleswaram:

If you are in the vicinity of Malleswaram, heading to this mall

will be a breeze, which is otherwise quite far from the city suburbs. It is by far one of the

most spacious malls with a stately exterior. Here you will find all those brands which are


Shopping tips:

• This mall is seriously huge, it can take an entire afternoon to look around the various

shops. If you have elderly people or kids with you, ask for a pram or a wheelchair at

the concierge desk.

• This mall caters mostly to Indian brands, with a few exceptions, so you will not find a

lot of imported brands here.

• Parking can be difficult during weekends and holiday season. If you plan to spend an

entire day here, reach a little early to avoid the hassle of parking.

Phoenix Market City:

This mall enjoys top rating among shoppers. Situated in Whitefield, it is

the only big mall in this area and thus draws a good crowd.

Shopping tips:

• Head out to this mall if you are looking at a mix of slightly upmarket brands like Zara,

Jimmy Choo, Hamleys and M&S and reasonable brands like Catwalk, UCB and Big


• Kids play zone is one of the largest in the city of Bangalore

• Again, this is a huge mall and can take an entire day to walk around, so plan


• The layout of the mall is very easy to understand. It has different sections for baby

care, home care and apparel.

Forum Mall:

situated in the high density area of Koromangala, this mall is a perfect mix of

shopping and entertainment.

Shopping Tips:

• If you are a book lover, this mall houses the famous Landmark store. A visit here is

guaranteed to take more than an hour as you can spend a leisurely hour browsing

through their vast collection.

• As with all good malls, parking at Forum Mall is also challenging, especially during


• Rated as one of the most ideal places for hangouts and get-togethers.

• The mall houses a lot of Indian brands along with some international names.

Orion Mall:

Situated at the Brigade Getaway Campus, it is one of the only malls with a small-
ish artificial lake and fountains which gives it a Mediterranean feel.

Shopping Tips:

• Head to Orion on Wednesdays, when they have a lot of offers and discounts on

shopping as well as the kids entertainment area.

• This mall is easily accessible and houses tons of brands. So if you are looking to

shop for the entire family this is the place to be.

• A lot of reasonably priced brands are also housed here, making it easy on your



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