The Affordable ‘Curated Nature’ tips for your new home!

For many people, living in the city means dwelling in a polluted environment. Whether it’s work space or home, we are often exposed to pollution and distracting noises. These pollutants cause symptoms ranging from allergies, headaches and fatigue along with numerous nervous-system disorders and cancer. Likewise, indoor air pollution is also a constant problem and a threat to human health. Even though we understand the importance of green space and nature, we mostly tend to forget them in our busy lives.


Green Living Interiors


Plants and trees are miracles of nature. Ever wondered how they protect us? New research has found that certain houseplants reduce stress, lower your heart rate and blood pressure, and boost your immune system. Lately, this idea of amalgamating nature with architecture has become an essential practice of interior designing. Architects and interior designers are creating nature-inspired interiors with mesmerizing designs that help people soothe their senses.

Before we begin to infuse nature with our homes, let’s remember the peaceful feeling that we experience when surrounded by greenery and blooming flowers? Now imagine, every day waking up to such beauty inside our homes.

Studies have proven that these houseplants improve concentration and benefit our everyday mood. By introducing certain plants into our homes, you change the aura of your home along with how it functions.

So, here are a few tips before we transform our indoor to green space.

Understand nature and space

To find a houseplant for our indoor might not be a huge task but to manage and keep up with space might be a difficult task. Therefore, it is suggested to connect the indoor greenery with the outside to make our interiors feel bigger and beautiful.

Express love and creativity

Miniature plants such as succulents and terrariums are few of the top trendy indoor decors that help us curate our home with creativity. With efficient sunlight and proper care, they keep our ambience fresh and green every day.

‘Nurture-up’ your home

There are hundreds of easy-care indoor plants that help to clean the air, absorb distracting noises, reduce stress and increase productivity levels. We just need to explore them and experiment until you discover which one suits your home and your taste.

As we can see, there are so many ways we can brighten up our home and enhance everyday mood. We don’t need a huge balcony or a spacious room. All we need is to go a little creative and give our home a touch of green.


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