Simple Indoor Gardening Tips To Turn One’s Home Into A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Not everyone is privileged enough to possess enough space to create one’s own indoor garden. However, if one falls in the group of a select few, he/she must take every opportunity to grow a garden. It’s fun, it’s natural and it’s soothing to the eye! Moreover, a home garden is a big indicator of the lifestyle one belongs to. Here we share some very essential tips to create a container garden and some general tips on indoor gardening. One can re-use old furniture as garden desks or fish pots, glass lamps, balls and bowls, to create their own gardens.

This hardly requires any effort and can be put up anywhere one decides. All one has to do is plant his favourites and hang them in arches, entrances, patios and in the balcony. Seashells are a great option to add that extra touch to the overall decor. They can be hung or simply be used to decorate something. Old furniture is difficult to sell due to a variety of reasons. But using them to create a new green look is something very few people can imagine. One can place plants in the chests and also on the top.

Old furniture can add that rustic feel to the decor and they can be placed both inside and outside the room. They can be used to cover extra space in the flat. Plus, they make the space look livelier and green, when used with plants. An excellent way to show one’s creative side is to create a vertical garden. One needs to place planters in glass jars, cans and small pots, and then fix them on the monotonous walls to make them look instantly captivating. Some people also have a thing for thematic gardens, writes The Times of India.

One can go for a single theme or multiple themes for multiples spaces. Planters of same clan are a good option. It is also a great idea to create themes that go with the personality of the people living in the home or themes that one likes. This can be birds, animals, letters, fruits and vegetables or anything like that. Thematic gardens enhance the walls and balconies, and make them look stunning. Used water bottles are recycled objects that can be used to grow plants. Use bottles of various shapes, sizes and colours.

The can then be hanged inside the room, on the terrace and outside doors. Seedlings must be grown in smaller bottles. They make excellent pots for flowering plants. Do not forget to make a few holes underneath the bottles for water to drain effectively. Tin cans can also become fabulous plant pots. One can string a number of cans together. Decorating a home with plants or growing an indoor garden requires common sense, so that something beautiful can be created despite space constraints.

Tiny plants like herbs never grow too large. Herbs such as mint, coriander and basil can fill the indoors with an indulging odour. Moreover, they will come handy during cooking too.

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