Real Estate Becomes Sustainable With Green Practices

The real estate sector in India over the past ten years has seen an unprecedented boom. With an increasing number of constructions in the retail, hospitality, commercial and residential projects coming up a rapid pace across major cities in the country, the real estate sector is developing by leaps and bounds. Today however, the industry is looking at a different set of priorities namely sustainability and the green factor. Responsible development and expansion of real estate is the primary concern today.

Conservation of nature and preservation of depleting resources is causing several real estate builders and corporations to consider sustainable methods. However, this poses as a major challenge. Designing and building eco-friendly structures and introducing green practices in the construction business is hard work. Keeping in mind the state of natural resources, most builders today are focusing on minimizing raw materials, using non toxic and degradable construction materials as well as providing renewable sources of energy.

Dealing with rising population and urbanization:

The rapid growth in population as well as the expansion of urbanization in many parts of India is leading to more demand for real estate. Investment in infrastructure and construction has expanded rapidly in metropolitan regions mainly to accommodate the rising migrations to urban areas. Maintaining ecological balance is a top priority and concern for real estate developers as is promoting sustainable living methods today.

Another common concern addressed by sustainable building is carbon emission. Several methods are being adopted to minimize wastage, emission, toxic byproducts as well as other harmful substances that eventually come in contact with air, water and soil. The increased use of radiant cooling, solar energy, lightweight pipe fittings, well planned landscapes etc are contributing greatly into providing a sustainable business and living models for homeowners.

Increase in eco-structures:

The commercial real estate industry in India is experiencing a new wave of eco-structures that focus on energy conservation and judicial use of resources. It has experienced a rapid increase in demand in the past few years and is expected to continue for the next decade. Metro regions in the country are witnessing new recognition and importance for assets with zero energy consumption as well as eco-friendly infrastructure maintenance. Minimizing wastage of space as well as power consumption through solar panels is a top trend being observed in most commercial and residential projects.

The awareness of green construction:

Several associations and organizations are actively participating today to spread awareness on eco-friendly construction and use of resources. Some of the most popular organizations with a presence in green construction include the Indian Institute of Interior Designers as well as Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment. Campaigns, webinars, exhibitions and trade
shows today are often dedicated to exploring new arenas in eco-friendly building. This is making a mark in both private and public sectors as more corporations are taking an active interest in promoting eco-friendly practices and minimizing hazardous materials.

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