Malleswaram: The Cultural Hub of Bangalore

One of the few localities in Bangalore that has managed to retain its old fashioned look despite massive development and modernisation is Malleswaram. With each street lined with flowering trees, small and quaint eateries that have been famous for decades and the presence of many temples, Malleswaram is an ideal place to have a home. While it is one of the more expensive localities in the city, even counting amongst the highest, Malleswaram attracts the attention of homeowners because of its relatively cooler atmosphere, the convenience of modern amenities and the perfect blend of the old with the new.

This idyllic neighbourhood no longer resembles its original self owing to the increasing population, traffic and modern establishments emerging in every corner of the region. However, it is remains of the most sought after locations owing to its quality of life and continues to be one of the cultural hubs of Bangalore, in the past and today.

A haven for performing arts

Malleswaram is truly a haven for those interested in performing arts. Housing everything from small and private art galleries to dance institutes and theatre, the art lover in you will enjoy Malleswaram. Proudly displaying its cultural side, you will find everything from classic dance forms to something a bit modern. All types of performing arts and visual art forms are taught in multiple locations of Malleswaram. In fact, you are bound to come across at least one or more music, dance, craft or theatre class in any street of the locality. The Chowdiah Memorial is a landmark in local architecture and theatre and is designed in the form of a violin, after the famous musician.

A delightful abode for food

One of the most popular delicacies in the city, namely dosa, is a specialty in Malleswaram. Whether you are a local who has lived in Bangalore for years or a newly emigrated person, you are sure to find the crispiest and tastiest dosas here. In fact, four of the oldest restaurants in Malleswaram and even Bangalore are considered to be the best places to sample this traditional South Indian dish. Restaurants and eateries like Halli Mane,New Krishna Bhavan,Raghavendra Stores, CTR, Veena Stores, and Janata Hotel have received legendary status in local foodie circles and continue to entertain throngs of waiting customers without letting go of their humble beginnings.

A centre for spiritual enlightenment

If you are a spiritual person at heart with a strong inclination to places of worship, Malleswaram will prove to be paradise. With a temple or spiritual centre in almost every corner of the street, you will find temples dedicated to almost all major Hindu gods as well as mosques and catholic churches in close proximity. ISKCON Temple, while not located in Malleswaram, is a short ten minute drive and is the most popular temple in Bangalore. The most popular temple in the region is the Kadu Malleshwara Temple, after which the locality was named. What is really fascinating about the Nandeeshwara Temple is that it has stood its ground for over 7,000 years and continues to receive hundreds of visitors every day!

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