MahaVastu Tips By Dr. Khushdeep Bansal For Harmony & Happiness In Your New Home

During Navratri and Diwali, the real estate market experiences a boon when people buy their dream homes and office spaces. They choose the Navratri season because they believe that it will bring happiness and prosperity that will last forever. As per Indian belief, the imbalance in the five natural elements space, sky, air, fire, water and earth results in sickness of body and mind. MahaVastu helps in propagating these five elements in every direction of our living spaces. MahaVastu helps in making positive decisions related to buying new spaces.

Dr. Khushdeep Bansal is the founder of MahaVastu, which is basically a bug-free, tested and upgraded understanding of Vastu Shastra, brought together after 25 years of research and covering more than 12,000 case studies. One does not have to demolish buildings but can maintain equilibrium with nature through simple yet powerful remedies. A rational understanding also helps in maintaining this equilibrium. MahaVastu balances all five elements of Nature for the perfect harmony in life.

Thus, believers who are about to buy new space may keep certain MahaVastu tips in mind. An east or north-east entrance is very auspicious for money, profits and success. On the contrary, an east entrance may also lead to accidents, unexpected losses and fire. MahaVastu states that south or south-east entrances can bring immense prosperity, though south entrances may also create negative effects on kids, especially the boys in the family. In general, buildings or houses facing west, south or north-east are considered good.

Toilets should never be in the north-east direction. Kitchens should ideally be at the south-east zone of the house. North, north-east, east and west zones of the house are ideal for placing an underground water tank. For newly-wedded couples, north and north-west are the ideal directions for the bedroom. They can also be located at the south zone. East, north-east, west or south-west are ideal for kids’ rooms. For office spaces, north, north-east and north-west zones are ideal for entrances.

The main door of the entrance should also face north or east. The reception should be in the east or north-east directions. South or south-west Vastu zone of disposal is ideal for toilets. The toilet seats must be placed in either south to north or west to east direction. Southeast corner of the building may have the pantry. It is very much possible that a house is not built according to Vastu. However, there are simple remedies to correct such Vastu flaws. MahaVastu may ask you to change the colour of the entrance.

It may also ask you to paint a particular portion of the house in a particular colour to balance the five elements of Nature. “Elemental strip technique proves instrumental when it comes to removing the bad effects of entrance locations and toilets,” reports The Times of India. Green sceneries should be placed towards North for new opportunities and growth. MahaVastu gives you proven Vastu formulas that have instant results. There is no need for demolitions or reconstructions.

The north-east zone of the house should be kept clean for farsightedness and clarity in life. This is a very important point to note for maintaining happiness and harmony in life. Also, keeping love birds in the south-west zone also betters relationships and results in the same. During Diwali, the north-east zone of the house should be cleared. One should ensure that there is no red-coloured object in this part of the house. Businessmen may place a statue of “Kuber” in the north Vastu zone.

The north area should have fresh flowers in a green vase. The west zone should have silver statues of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to remove hurdles and enhance financial prospects.

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