How to Improve Your Design Etiquette

When you design a home, you are not just adorning the walls with eclectic items. You are creating a haven for a family and giving them a new life. Home designing is an art form that takes the right tools to get right – intuition and planning. It is not just about finding the right theme for the home or going through paint swatches. Whether you are going for a classic English décor or a Thai styled teak ensemble, a lot of thought understanding, planning and execution needs to go into it.

Always remember that decorating a home is not a passing hobby but something that requires commitment and passion. It is time consuming, challenging and oftentimes really hard to get right. So if you are planning on designing a home, what you need is the right design etiquette.

Where do you begin? Your team!

The key to any successful project is the people behind it. If you are serious about getting the home design project done to perfection, get the right team. Design and styling in any art field requires maturity and experience, especially knowing the difference between right and wrong. That is why you need an experienced team backing you in every decision. Whether you are choosing wood samples for the cabinets or deciding on light fixtures, find the experts!

Have realistic expectations:

Let’s face it, few people’s homes look like they come out of a design catalogue. When you are decorating your home, you have to factor in the limitations i.e. budget, availability of materials etc. It is very important that you have realistic and achievable goals before you get started. Ensure that you get the opinion of your design team as well. The best way to narrow down to realistic plans is by browsing through multiple design options, finalizing your budget and short listing the items you really want.

Building commitment and trust:

If you trust your home with a design team, ensure that you back them up completely and believe in their capabilities. At every stage of the process, ensure that you communicate with your design team and give them your opinion. Ensure that you clearly express your ideas and give them regular feedback to get the closest result possible.

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