How To design Your Living Room And Furniture

If there was one room that you could choose to put your heart and soul into designing, it would most likely be the living room. The definition of living room has changed over time. Nowadays,it is that room where you relax or receive guests. In both the cases, this room needs to reflect a little bit of you. Your personality, likes and interests should be seen in every underlying aspect of the decor.

To help you in the journey to get that perfect living room up, we have divided the decor keeping in mind the ever changing requirements and needs in today’s day and age. In each of the categories mentioned, begin by ascertaining the purpose of this room. If it is to relax and only meant for personal use, it will have to have your personal things like family pictures, your computer and TV, etc. If it has a more general purpose like receiving and entraining guests, or having family get together as well, the setting is slightly more impersonal. Read on to find more.

The traditional living room:

To get this look, go for color schemes inspired by warm honey tones, creme, espresso and ivory. Your furniture should reflect a vintage look. Go for warm tones and wood work. Try and incorporate the same color schemes as with the walls. Add a vintage chandelier and brass lamps to complete the look.

The eclectic living room:

Eclectic living rooms need a certain amount of chutzpah. It should exude energy right from the color scheme to the furniture to the artefacts. Choose bright shades like blue and yellow for walls and contrast it with whites or crème for the furniture. Have fun with other bright colored accessories thrown in. You could pick an Asian theme or a similar theme when choosing accessories. The idea is to have fun while doing it.

The contemporary living room:

The contemporary living room should have a mix of all the
worlds. Combine this look by pairing a rust color scheme with white for accent walls. Tame the look by throwing in some leather Ottomans and floor rugs under the coffee table. Try using different textures like leather, chrome, glass and wood for the furniture. Select these based on a
theme so that everything comes together beautifully.

The Transitional living room:

Transitional livings rooms combine two or more purposes. If you want a living room to double up as your TV room or a workstation, choose furniture that can also be used for both the purposes. For example, choose a long L shaped sofa for lounging while watching TV and can double up to seat 3 to 4 people when entertaining. Fabrics that are strong and durable are recommended for transitional living room owing to their dual purpose. Go for leather, corduroys and resin to get the best results.

Choosing decor can be a very complex task if you don’t begin at the beginning. Start with the purpose of the room and keep getting second opinions from people who matter and who know a thing or two about design and decor. Once you accomplish this, little can go wrong. So go on and have fun with designing your living room!

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