Great Tips To Organize Your Kid’s Room

“Please pick up after yourself!” This oft repeated phrase by parents all over the world is now redundant. Children will be children and they will create a mess where they go. Instilling good habits may be a good idea, but first have you done your bit for the children? Wondering what am I talking about? To get children used to the idea of picking after themselves requires a careful planning of their room. It is common to see hangers that are too high for the little ones to reach, drawers that pull back the moment you open them or storage spaces which aren’t child-friendly. To get your child to listen to you, get down to their level and look          t0 their room from their perspective. Here we will show you some great ways to organize your kids’ room.

Choosing the colour scheme/theme:

If you have a specific theme in mind, e.g., a pirate theme, choose colors that go with it like blue (the colour of the sea). Always have a contrast of colors that play with light. If you don’t have a theme, choose from pastels and neutral tones which are considered to increase the positive flow of energy and create harmonious environment in the house.

Making the wardrobe work double time:

Invest in small sized hangers to hang your kid’s clothes. Bring these down to the child’s level so he/she can reach it easily. Transfer winter wear, festival clothes and other such seldom needed items to the top of the wardrobe. Use the floor space of the wardrobe by turning it into a laundry site. Place a laundry bag in a corner. If your child is old enough, place a small ottoman (stool) on its side so your child can use it to reach the higher levels.

Creating space for trinkets and small odds and ends:

Hang colourful pocket strings on the inside of the wardrobe door or even on the walls that will create sections for rubber bands, earrings, hair bands, socks, stockings and other such trinkets. In case of drawers inside wardrobes or closets, create sections within them to avoid a messy tangle every time you look for something specific.

The toys and their story:

Firstly, discard or donate all toys that your child has not used in the last six months. This will create a lot of space for housing the new toy system that we are going to suggest. Ever seen your child tossing toys in the general direction of their rightful place whenever you ask them to clean up? Use it to your advantage by placing small colourful buckets in which they can toss their toys. Make it fun by showing them how to do it yourself. Put name tags like soft toys, dolls, cars and trains, etc on them to help your little one know which bucket is for what. If he/she is too young for reading, have a different coloured bucket for each category. If your child is a creative bum and loves to dole out art by the dozen everyday, set up a small table with low chair and store all the art and craft paraphernalia. Hang up the child’s artwork on a wall facing the table. Show them where and how to keep the paint tubes, crayons and brushes after they finish.

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