Furniture Trends To Watch For In 2014

Furniture has been the talking point of ladies, and more recently even the gents, over dinner, teas and meetings. Everyone is on the lookout for something unique for their home. Furniture that you choose can reflect your tastes, personality and value systems. We’ve carefully handpicked 6 furniture trends that are hot this summer and will continue to be so in 2014.

Say goodbye to matching furniture:

This trend took root in the late 2013 and is going strong
as we speak (or read). Matching the couch upholstery, curtains, or furniture fabric is passé. Don’t be afraid to bring together different colors, fabrics or even textures within your home. If done correctly, it will still give a cohesive and an eclectic look. For example, the couch and
its chair can have not only different fabric, but also different designs. Or let’s say the dining table doesn’t always have to match its chairs. Speaking of which, we come to our next point.

Say hello to custom made furniture:

Customized furniture was initially only done by well known designers for their rich and famous clients. Thus it has a glamorous feel to it. Many conversations are structured around custom made furniture, their designs and costs. But
today you can get customized furniture just as easily from retail outlets. The person who creates it should understand your vision. That’s the first pre-requisite, else your vision may not transform into an exact reality.

Going over the top is in this time:

Furniture that oozes opulence and excesses is creating waves in the design industry. Indeed, designers have always shown a propensity to creating such pieces and now you can welcome them in your home to create a “wow” look. Creating showy and glamorous pieces of furniture is like walking a tight-rope. Over-doing may result in a bad show. For example, in an otherwise harmonious room, create a wave by placing some glamorous furniture pieces in one corner to create an accent.

The green revolution is here to stay:

probably even longer than only a year. We all know our
planet is vulnerable and we need to take care of it, lest the situation becomes irreversible. Which is why, using recycled wood for furniture is not only environment friendly but also shows your closeness to nature. Which is a great style statement to make. Using such furniture for outdoors is a great idea for 2014.

Light toned natural wood on the outside:

Light toned natural wood on the outside is popular already with many designers and stores who are seen stocking up. Natural wood, free from compressed boards and veneers look
the best. The irregularities within the natural wood look beautiful when light reflects off it. It is difficult to go wrong with this one.

Cultured furniture:

Cultured furniture,that brings a different world into your home space, can transform the way you live. When making this kind of furniture it is important to have good carpentry. Also avoid cluttering the space with too much of the culture. For example, an African theme can have
furniture that is inspired by the colors, textures and fabrics of Africa.

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