Feng Shui Tips to Love the House You Are In

Feng Shui refers to the art and science through which people feel more content and peaceful in their space. In essence, it is more of a psychological nature than theological. However, some of the practitioners believe that it involves the invocation of the god of luck.

Are you planning to bring Feng Shui to your home? Here are some of the tips that can guide you on how to get started:

Clean up:

One of the key parts of Feng Shui is to be surrounded by things you adore and value the most. However, it should only include things you love most while other items you don’t necessary should be disposed of. You don’t always have to bin these additional items and instead of throwing them away, you can donate them. The best way to get rid of the things you no longer need is to ask yourself whether you have utilized them in the past year. If you haven’t used them, it is better to give them away than make valuable space for useless items.


Feng Shui is all about energy and mainly involves opening up channels to a good flow of energy. Light happens to be an important component of this art. Make use of energy efficient bulbs with a daylight spectrum and emphasize the use of natural lighting. If you are still deciding on lighting options, soft lighting is normally recommended in the evening. You can make use of candles and bulbs with low power rating in lamps to create the right atmosphere.

Fresh air:

Apart from natural light, fresh air is also very important in bringing positive energy flow into your home. You should let the outside air as much as possible. To make the air in your home clean, you should consider an air purifier and the use toxin absorbing houseplants. You can also make use of natural essential oils in order to purify the air. In Feng Shui, recommended oils for the bedroom include rose, jasmine or lavender. For rooms where you are to be energized and awakened, recommended fragrances include peppermint or lemon.


If you want to get Feng Shui right, it is very important to have a water feature in your home. Water elements and features placed in the entry way of your home are considered to be greatly beneficial. A tabletop or a wall fountain can also add to its value as water should always be running instead of being left stagnant in a container.


You should arrange all objects you own in an organized and decorative manner so that it creates a visually appealing effect. You should place a desktop fountain or a small plant on your desk. The color which is recommended for your desktop work space is red as it is normally associated with wealth. The entry way in your home should be clear of clutter such as shoes. You should also consider placing an object in decorative boxes that can be stacked.

Wall Colors:

For the bedroom, a soft pink is the most ideal color. If you want capture the essence of relaxation, you can also experiment with soft shades of purple. For rooms with lot of activity and energy, red is recommended. However, red is not ideal for walls and should only be used as an accent color. Yellow is good for intellectual stimulation and promotion of happiness.

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