Easy Ways to Give Your Home a Make Over

We keep our homes attractive and tidy and take a great pride in it. There are hardly any people who wouldn’t want their homes to be clean and shiny. Families as well as those who are single definitely try to maintain it well. So what is it that makes our homes more beautiful and attractive? Yes, the interiors of the house play a major role in it. No matter how big or small is the size of your home, it can still look fabulous with the right choice of paint and wall paper, furnishings and decor. The curtains and the hangings with the perfect lighting in the house also adds to it’s beauty. The interior of the house makes all the difference.

An idea of  a makeover of your home needs to be followed by proper planning. You need to visualize what kind of makeover you plan to do in your home and pen it down. Write down all the color combination that comes to your mind and  do some research on the internet about the latest color combination in trend. Decide on the colors for the walls and ceilings. You can go for a total makeover or can also choose to do a section of your house.


The first and the most important step is to Re-painting the house. A drab and dull painted house is very depressing and a mood dampener. So Paint the walls a light shade, especially the walls that do not get much natural light. You can also paint the walls with a brighter color but make sure you color coordinate it with the walls and furniture. Never use loud and coarse colors but instead use pleasing and trendy shade. White paint in the entire house also gives a very soothing effect and classy look. You can brighter up the house with the colorful accessories and furniture.


The major thing that could change the look of the house other than fresh paint is the carpet. Carpets and rugs in the house along with colorful cushions of different sizes can bring about a vast difference in its looks. You can even have a theme for each room and match the furniture with it.


Wall hangings, paintings and curtains can brighten up your house. Choose the curtain in a way that it coordinates with the color of the wall and the design of the furniture. Beautiful wall hangings is like a cherry on the cake which adds to the decor of the house.


For the dining room you can have a nicely polished side-board cupboard to store the crockery and cutlery. The dining table should match the size of the room and shouldn’t be too big or small room. The other furnishings like beds, TV cabinets, etc should also be styled and properly designed to meet the requirements of the house.


Flowers in a vase placed in a proper position in the house would add to home decor. Depending on the type and height of the beds, you could change the mattress. Ethnic bed covers, pillow covers and quilts can make a wonderful style statement of their own. A book-shelf in the living room, a lampshade on the wall, a mini fountain in the balcony, new plate racks and polish taps and fixtures in the kitchen can also add to the decor of the house.

A bare house with minimal furniture and accessories will look like a lady with no jewelry and make-up, therefore for a good make over of your home every detail mentioned above is essential.

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