Decorate Your Home with Nature to Add Festive Cheer

For any festive occasion, the presence of nature inside your home adds a new cheer. Be it Christmas, Eid or Diwali, you don’t really need an excuse to decorate home with refreshing and relaxing natural elements. Evergreen wreaths, Christmas trees, garlands, bouquets are just some of the ways through which you can add a dash of color and fragrance. Imagine the calming scent of roses and the warmth of lamps during Diwali or the smell of dried pine and warm eggnog wafting through the indoor air. Here are some interesting ways you can transform the interiors of your home with natural elements.

Natural fruit fragrances

Clove apples and oranges are a traditional natural décor piece that work beautifully in preserving the holiday spirit. It is interesting to note that clove studded oranges are over a century old and are often found in old homes and museums. Popularly known as pomanders, this technique uses different fruits like lemons, oranges or apples.

You can make a pomander by piercing small holes onto an orange or apple all over and inserting whole dried cloves snugly into these holes. Then, use a paper bag filled with a mixture of ground cloves, nutmeg and cinnamon. Place the clove studded apple or orange inside the bag and shake it to coat the mixture all over the fruit. After it has mixed thoroughly, leave the fruit to rest in a cool and dark place for a few weeks. Ensure that you shake the pomander everyday and then display it on your mantle or in a bowl to spread the fragrance around the room.


Garlands are one of the simplest ways to give your home a festive look. Not only are they visually attractive, but can instantly make any room smell heavenly. Whether you are decorating your puja room with jasmine garlands or decorating the living room with bouquets of roses and carnations, flowers are the best way to make a room cheery. Available in every color on the spectrum, you can decorate your home with yellow marigolds, white jasmines, red roses and so much more! You don’t have to limit yourself to flowers to make a homemade garland.

Natural leaves like bay leaves are beautifully scented and when bunched together in open spaces, they lend a calming natural aroma to the home. In fact, you can pair these flowers and fragrant leaves with pine cones, dried fruit and other elements.

Natural wreaths

Wreaths made from twigs, leaves and branches are easily available in stores and are equally simple to make at home. One amazing way to create a natural wreath in your home is to plant trailing varieties like the English Ivy and letting it grow around a frame, creating a unique and aesthetically pleasing plant that is live, healthy and all natural. During festive occasions, you can add nuts, berries and other natural decorations to make it even prettier.

In fact, you can also weave twigs and dried pine cones and fresh greens from your personal garden to create a fresh and divine smelling wreath without spending a penny!

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