Decorate Your Home with Festive Season with Nature’s Gifts

The festive season is around the corner and if you are an enthusiast, you must be looking forward to striking the right blend of modern and traditional decoration themes. In this article, we will discuss decoration ideas from nature’s own closet that may help you make indoors look fresh, lively and full of excitement. Make your holiday season grand with handpicked natural materials for festive decoration.

Natural Wreaths:

Of course, you can buy readymade wreaths made of artificial materials but making your own wreath from natural materials is a lot more fun. You can add glamour and appeal to your home in a personal way. In fact, you can make a live wreath by using tailing plant in a pot. Wrap the tailing plant around the frame and insert it into the pot. You can also add lights, nuts, berries, and other decorations to enhance the overall appeal.

You can choose to weave your own decorative wreath from natural cut greens. Wear sturdy gloves and gather as much greens as you can find. Place them in bunches and wire all of them together at the base. Wire bunches onto the frame and tuck the wired end amongst the green bunches. In case you don’t have the frame, you can use wires to attach the green bunches into circle. Weave the twigs into small sizes wreaths and hang them on the Christmas tree. You can also use them to replace the ribbon bows attached on gifts.

Make sure you use fresh and dried bay leaves to craft the foam circle. These will also add a light fragrance to the wreath. Add a few pieces of holly leaf bunches, pine cones and berries to fill in white areas left showing. Pine cones can be glued to the circular frame as well.


Cut greens make lovely natural garlands. To make them, all you need to do is wire the green directly to the stair handrail. You can hang these garlands over your doorway with style.

You may also use bay leaves to make beautiful, scented garlands. If you can find bay laurel shrub, use them in the garland. You can buy bay leaves in bulk from any local market or a supermarket, but freshly cut ones will do wonders for your garland. You can use a wire system to secure bunches of fresh green bay leaves to the piece of twine and keep wrapping the wire until you reach the desired length. Decorate the garland with more green bunches, dried fruit, pine cones, and other natural objects.

Clove-Studded Oranges or Apples:

This is a time-honored decoration and that still survives in many old museums. Fruits decorated with cloves are known as pomanders. In this traditional decoration style, fruits like apples, oranges, and lemons are commonly used.

If you want to try this traditional design, you can start with pomanders that are very easy to make, and they smell wonderful. With the help of a small knitting needle, fork, or skewer, pierce the fruit from all the sides. Make each hole at a gap of 1/4 inches and insert entire cloves into each hole. Mix about 2 teaspoons of cinnamon, ground cloves and nutmeg inside a paper bag and put the clove-studded fruit in it. Shake the bag thoroughly to spread the fragrance and store it in a dry and cool place for a couple of weeks. Do not forget to shake the bag daily to get the best out of the fragrant spices. Take them out after a week and display on center table or mantle.


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