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How to Lower Your Home Loan Rates written

With the market fluctuating, the interest rates have also gone down, but are the EMIs for your home loan still the same as was when you took the loan five years ago? You naturally feel bad when you see your precious money go down the drain. So do you desire to refinance your home at […]

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Top 7 Reasons Why Investing in a Brand Name Matters in Real Estate

When you have made a decision to buy your own home, there are a lot of real estate agents, brokers, builders, friends and the family members who will give you their own opinions. You will finally settle on the type of house you want whether bit is the most demanded villa or an illustrious apartment. […]

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Discovering your 3rd Dimension

I have listened to many TED talks and got inspired. Today I am feeling proud to hear the TED talk of the person I know and is one of my running mentors.  Keep on inspiring us Vaishali! Vaishali Kasture , Managing Director at Goldman Sachs , India, is a role model for women in the […]

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