Can The Right Vastu Boost Your Career?

Have you ever noticed that despite performing worse than you in school, some people are always ahead of you? Regardless of how hard you work, there is always someone who receives recognition and praise? Well don’t worry; there is something you can do about it. How life treats
you are not always based on your actions but also the energies that surround you. Vastushastri Khushdeep Bansal discovered that the space surrounding the individual is equally important and contributes greatly to their growth and success.

By attracting the right type of energy i.e. Vastu, you can ensure success in every field of your life, even your career! Let’s consider some examples.

Mohit, a qualified and talented analyst is intelligent and hardworking. He was frequently awards Best Employee and even promoted. With a new job and increased salary, he decided to buy a new home for his family and that’s when he started facing problems at work. He did not stopping working as hard or showed less talent but his results were still not as good as before. While continued for a few months, he was almost fired. Upset with his performance, his company’s attitude and his shortcomings, Mohit lost motivation and felt depressed.

This is when his sister-in-law suggested that he visit the MahaVastu Center. When an expert evaluated the home, he discovered many mistakes. The toilet facing northwards was the culprit. This direction is mainly responsible for money, prosperity and career opportunities and placing a
toilet in that direction symbolically and almost literally signified the flushing away of growth. The expert then advised him to place a blue spotlight as well as a green pyramid in the bathroom. In fact, professionals can also use the east zone of the home to further their career horizons. The most effective colors in initiating these changes are brown and green.

Initially skeptical, Mohit followed the advice. Within two weeks, he was approached by a different company offering a great job with an even better pay. Excited about his new opportunities, Mohit shifted companies and is doing very well even today. What makes MahaVastu unique is the awareness and knowledge of different Vastu zones in any home.

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