Best places To Take Your Kids In Bengaluru

Kids all over the world love the outdoors. Unfortunately, not many Indian cities offer a lot of options when it comes to going out with kids except malls. A wonderful exception to this is the city of Bengaluru. Not many Bengalurueans know this gift that they possess. So whether you are a native or simply visiting Bengaluru, keep at least a couple of days aside for the little ones to enjoy something that will stay with them throughout their lives.

We have divided the visit into three sections: 1. Amusement Parks, 2. Wildlife trips and 3. Palaces. This will give you a holistic list of places that you can choose from.

Amusement Parks:

1. Bal Bhavan:

This one takes the prime spot for kids. It has everything that a child will enjoy, right from a toy train that runs 1.5 kms through the park to specially created life-sized doll houses and a tree house. They also screen special films and stage plays for children throughout the year. The 12 acre park is further divided into different activity areas like an amphitheatre, small terracotta topped activity huts, a colourful canteen and a clock tower. Everything is constructed keeping in mind a

child’s inquisitive mind and their ability to grasp and learn from their surroundings. There is also a lovely fort made out of stone that is just the right size for kids to run into and play hide-n-seek.

2. Neeladri Amusement Park:

This is the only park which offers both amusement and water attractions. It is a big hit with kids, as in any other amusement park. There are 45 mind-boggling rides. The water rides are well maintained around the year and
there is a wide variety of traditional food stalls, restaurants and ice-cream parlours.

3. WonderLa:

One of the best maintained and rated highest in safety standards, WonderLa is a more upmarket amusement park. It has many imported rides like Drop Zone, Y-Scream and more. It also houses some water rides which incorporates some of the latest technologies.

Wildlife Trips:

1. Cubbon Park Aquarium:

Situated at Cubbon Park, this aquarium is a must visit for adults and children alike. It is a fresh water aquarium housed inside an octagonal building, so it gives a 360 degree view of the rare and indigenous underwater world.

2. Bannerghatta National Park:

Take the kids out to this special place which is completely unlike a zoo. Watching animals in captivity is not something that can ever be the same as watching them in the wild. Bannerghatta offers exactly that. You can
take the Lion safari or visit the snake park. Other spotting like bison, tigers, elephants and panthers are also indicated.

Palace Trips:

1. The Tipu Sultan Palace:

Built by the ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan, this palace has a rich history which the children will enjoy listening to as they take the tour of the museum inside and the various artefacts dating back to the bygone era of the brave Tipu Sultan. The palace is surrounded by a fort which was said to be a stronghold of the army.

2. The Bengaluru Palace:

Many tourists visit this palace for its architectural appeal. Children will find it a delight to gaze in awe at its fortified towers and arches. The interiors are carved in wood which one seldom gets to see these days.When you plan a trip like the one above, you can rest assured that it is a value-add to your children. Bengaluru has history, nature and fun for your kids!

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