A look at the most expensive flowers in the world

The fascination with flowers and fragrant trees has been around for centuries. Rare orchids or flowers that bloom only at night, there are some flowers that cost as much as 3 million dollars! Obviously, you won’t find them in any ordinary bouquet, only at a collector’s display, only for collection. Here’s a look at the most expensive flowers in the world.

The 17th Century Tulip Bud:

Value: $600 to $1000 Per Bud

The ordinary tulip bud is commonplace enough. But the 17th Century Tulip Bud mania has been around since 1600’s when in Netherlands, the Dutch horticulturists elevated tulips to a high pedestal owing to its bright and elegant colors and shape. It was considered a status symbol back them to have tulips growing in your backyards. The 17the Century Tulips is one such species which came into prominence owing to its color and ability to produce only 2 to 3 clones a year from the mother sapling, making it still rarer.

The Saffron Crocus:

Value: $1200 to $1500 per pound

Another beautiful flower and expensive flower is the Saffron Crocus, known famously for its spice, the saffron strand as well. But the flower itself holds high value for its beautiful pale purple color and a yellow stem. What is fascinating is the fact that it takes almost 8000 flowers to produce just 500 grams of saffron from its stamen. What makes this flower so exquisite and rare is the fact that it takes a full year to cultivate the plant and the bloom stays only for a fortnight. It has to be handpicked and carefully preserved to be transported to its destination.

Gold of Kinabalu Orchids

Value: $6000 per stem

Also nicknamed as the world’s 2nd most expensive orchid, The Gold of Kinabalu, is on the verge of extinction. It grows only in the carefully preserved sanctuaries of Malaysia and Thailand, blooming just once a year. What makes this flower even more expensive is the fact that it takes the plat up to 15 years to bloom! The peak flowering season is April and May, so if you want to look at the flower in full bloom, that’s a good time to visit Malaysia’s Kinabalu National Park. It can be identified by its petals, which it holds horizontally.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

Value: $200,000 per bloom

The first genetically engineered flower by humans is the world’s most expensive orchid. It was first developed by Shenzhen Nongke Group of China in 2005. Their first piece was auctioned at a record breaking 1.6 million Yuan. The reason why this orchid is so expensive is because it took almost 8 years for the scientists to grow research and observe this breed. The flower is a fresh lilac colored with burgundy drops at the outer ring of the petals. It takes 4 to 5 years for it to bloom and apparently, tastes awesome too.

Juliet Rose

Value: 3 million per piece

After over 15 years of intensive breeding, David Austin combined the beautiful cup shaped rosette form of old roses into a beautiful contemporary blush colored rose. The result is a 3 million dollar Juliet Rose that has a light fragrance and numerous neatly folded petals curled within the heart of the rose.


Value: Priceless

The world’s most expensive flower is Kadupul. It is actually so expensive it can’t be bought! This rare cactus flower is found only in Sri Lanka. You will never find it selling online or in flower shops simply because it blooms only at night. It can be handpicked, sure. But then it lasts only for a few hours. It has an incredibly mild and soothing scent. You simply can’t buy it!

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