9 Easy DIY home decor ideas in 2019

How about having a tiny place of your own, where you can dwell in peace and wish to stay in forever?
Most of us call this dwelling ‘your home’. Of course, it’s the personal space that you customize for a comfortable living. The curtain colours, the couch, the table beside it and the antique statue over the table. You exactly know how your home would look. After all, it is ‘your home’.

But did you plan to include some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) pieces in your home décor? DIYs are the canniest trends amongst interior designers and home-makers. You happen to create some attractive and useful piece of décor which finds an appropriate space in your home. Well, to add more to your DIY gallery, we have listed some trendy DIY options for your home!

1. Pallet Table: Refurbishing your house with a pallet table will make it look complete and attractive. Above all, it is pretty easy to make a pallet of your own. All you need is to design your table and collect the required pallets from a local hardware store.

Once you have the pallets, start assembling them with knobs and glue. You should also flatten the edges if they are sharp enough. After your pallet is nicely assembled, make sure you paint it to suit other interiors in the house.

2. Glitter Jars: Glitter Jars are perfect for you if you share a love for shimmer and sparkle. Glitter jars can be used for pens, makeup, jewellery or as a flower vase, depending on how you want to use it. And here is the hack- it’s a super easy DIY.

Take out the empty jars and dip them nicely in glue. Now take out the glitter that you have and dip the glued jar into it. Once it’s all covered with shimmer, leave it aside to dry.

You can also give a creative touch to these jars by applying glue and glitter in different patterns and designs.

3. Floating Shelves: Floating shelves are versatile and super cool. These shelves can be of any length and can be used to keep books, plants, photos or any other decorative stuff. Decide the placing of these shelves and things to keep on it before you bring wooden shelves.
You will need a plain wooden shelf, strong drywall screws and a drill to hang the shelf on the wall. Ensure that you hang the shelves straight.

4. Galvanized Pendant Lights: Light up your home with bright DIY galvanized pendant lights. For this you will need a spare galvanized tin, a wire to plug the lamp, bulb, a bulb holder and a drill. Start with drilling the tin to insert the bulb holder. Once you have fixed it properly using the connection cable, attach the bulb and hang it wherever you feel like. You can also paint the tin afterwards to ensure that it suits your interiors.

5. Rick Rack Lamp: Having a rick rack lamp beside your bed is such an ease. And how about you designing and crafting your lamp. You’ll have to amass lampshade, bulb and a stand. Fix the bulb on to the stand and start decorating the lampshade. You weave it with wool or thread or paint with colours. After it’s done, simply put the shade over the bulb and connect it to a power source to light it up.

6. Star Mirror: A stunning star mirror will surely add charm to your décor. It’s simple to craft and elegant in its design. Get a circular shaped mirror and hang it over the wall. Now fix some nails around the mirror and some more at a distant making two circles. Start adorning it with wool or a jute rope to make a star pattern.

7. Handwritten Canvas: Canvas is the perfect piece to make your living area look modest and classy. A handwritten one will give an aesthetic and appealing feel to your living room. You can get started with a canvas and paint it over with a mantra or any other words of your choice. Once it is done, keep it aside to let it dry and then hang it over a wall.

8. Wood Wine Glass Rack: Having a wooden wine glass rack near your bar will make the area look impressive and fascinating. To do this, you will need a wooden rack and 12 screwing nails for 6 glasses. Start attaching the nails using a drill. Make sure you put two nails close to each other, having enough space to accommodate one glass. Finish off fixing all the nails and hang the rack near your bar.

9. Wall Hanging Tassel: This one is for the entrance of your house to welcome your guests with a charming wall hanging tassel. Start preparing it with a thick thread or a layer of wool. Attach a stick to the thread and design it to make a full-fledged wall hanging tassel.

Try out these DIY crafts and share your making experience with us in the comment section below!

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